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December 26th 2017

When your home is vacant, whether you are on vacation or just out for the day,here are some security measures that you might might want to consider:

1) Make certain that all your windows and doors are locked.
2) Lock your deadbolt lock not just the door handle.
3) If you have a burglar alarm, make certain that you turn it on.
4) Make certain that you don't let mail accumulate in your mailbox. If you are away for for an extended period of  time, have the Post Office hold your mail.
5) don't advertise to anyone that you are not home by leaving notes on the doors of you house.
6) If you have a garage door, make certain that it is shut.
7) If you are out at night or on vacation,  might be a good idea to leave a radio and light on, perhaps on a timer.
8) If you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time, cancel, newspaper, etc., deliveries.
9) If you have two cars, it would be a good idea to leave one parked in the driveway. If possible, it might be prudent to move it to different locations in the driveway every day.
10) Bottom-Line: always try and make your home have a "someone is at home" look.

Please remember to call, whenever any real estate questions arise. Thank you.Best wishes, Mark

Home Buying Opportunities

November 29th 2017

Yes, there are various ways to find a home that you may want to purchase to live in or possibly to use as an investment. Obviously, you may contact a real estate agent like myself to assist you. However,  quite frankly you may explore other ways that may prove to be useful.

For example, you can walk the streets in areas that you find appealing knocking on doors and talking to homeowners. Perhaps, searching out tax foreclosures, bank foreclosures, landlord-tenant disputes, in fact any situation that may cause a home owner to become a home seller. Yes, it is hard work, BUT it could payoff! 

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