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Pricing Your Home to SELL!

March 9th 2018

Homes must be priced properly in order for you to receive “TOP DOLLAR”, as quickly as possible, in today’s market.

Your home should be put on the market at a price that is determined by analyzing the sale of homes that are similar to yours.

If your home is priced properly then the home should attract prospective buyers, who will pay “top dollar” for your property.

Simply put, home buyers choose to view homes primarily based upon the asking price of various homes on the market. They want to typically look at homes that are in their “price range”. Although you can set the asking price for your home, the final sales price is really determined by what home buyers will pay for it.  Believe it or not, overpricing your home can actually wind up netting you less than you might otherwise have if the home had been priced properly.

Some points to ponder:

·        What you paid for your home has no bearing on what it will sell for today

·        Money you spent to improve your home should really not be a determining factor for setting your asking price in today’s market.

·        Of course, your reason to sell, i.e., have you been transferred, and you should have moved yesterday, etc., has no bearing on what your home will sell for in today’s market.

·        Naturally, if you are willing to “owner finance” your home, you can probably get a higher price.

·        Unfortunately, what your friends and relatives say your home is worth, may or may not be relevant.

·        Please keep in mind that if your home is perceived to be priced higher than similar homes to yours, your home may wind up help selling other homes on the market.

Well, that’s about it for now. Please feel free to call Mark Shuman, CRS at 828-659-844 (Worldwide Realty, LLC), whenever you have any real estate questions. Also, please remember that we also buy homes for cash. Thank you.





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